Ways to get involved with uni life and meet new people

Student life

Join a society

Check out your students’ union to see what clubs and societies you can get involved in. Unis usually have hundreds of societies to get involved in, from football and chess to quidditch and VR gaming.

Whether you want to join something you’re a pro at or discover something new, there’s definitely something you can keep busy with.

Find out if your uni has a union open day where you can check out each society, chat to some of their members and grab a few freebies to deck out your uni room.


Join an iQ Club

As an iQ resident, you can join one of three iQ Clubs to help you find other students with the same interests, right outside your door.

If you’re great (or terrible) in the kitchen, join the SupperClub. If you’re always with a book in hand, join the BookClub. An if you love escaping into new worlds, join the GamersClub.

You’ll get access to groupchats that are popping off, be able to join in with exclusive events and even try your luck with regular giveaways.  


Find non-student clubs in your area

If you’re into something that your uni doesn’t offer or want to explore something that helps you meet students from other unis, you can explore other non-student clubs in your area.

If you’re into sports, there are plenty of apps and sites where you can put your name in for drop-in sessions or casual leagues. Sites like Meetup have plenty of options, and you can search for student groups if you wanna narrow your chances to find mates.  


Hang out in the right places

You can try your hand at being in the right place at the right time. iQ resident? Head to the onsite social spaces where other students will be hanging out. Whether a gym, cinema, social lounge or games room, there’ll be plenty of chances to chat and make new mates.