The best is yet to come

Uni’s all about making the moments that matter. It’s about finding out who you are, making friends for life and kickstarting a career you can be proud of. Each year should be a year to remember. Each year should be better than the last.  

This year we’re celebrating you living out your best year yet, at uni and at iQ. Weird moments. Wild moments. Romantic moments. Productive moments. We’re here for all of them at iQ.  

We’re giving you what you need to realise your best self. That means having the right bed to get cosy, social spaces to get weird, cashback to feel boujie and your own study space to be proud.  


Your room is that space for late night chats and early morning group project panics. Your own study space to smash those 1000 words and stay up late with a reassuring zoom call home. Movie nights, outfit try-ons and pre- and post-sesh explanations. The place to master your craft and hustle up those little innovations.  

A few floors down (or up), your social life’s sorted. Meet that person that gets you in iQ Clubs and keep up the good vibes at iQ socials. Plan the perfect dinner party in our private dining spaces and be proud you tried it with that huge cake. We’re on hand to help you clean up when things go wrong and share a laugh when you need it.  

Your best year yet is made up of the good times and the ‘one day we’ll laugh about this’ times, the smashed deadlines and the smash burgers. Be proud when you ace that interview in the study lounge, slippers on and wifi sorted. Master the perfect setup in your room, whether you make it a late-night game sesh or an early morning rush to pull off that group project.  


It’s all about championing table tennis on a Monday night or heading to the onsite gym and running your best 5k on a Friday afternoon. It’s finding something special in everything and challenging yourself no matter how small the task. 

No moment’s too big, and no moment’s too small. Every moment matters.