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If you’ve received your exam results, and it was good news – congratulations! And if they weren’t what you hoped for, don’t worry. Whatever you need to do now, we’re here to help with your plans.

I need to book a room

Don’t leave it too late. We have limited availability for 2018/19 at some of our sites, close to many university campuses across the UK. To book your room, just choose your city to get started.


I have already booked a room and need to cancel it

If you have already booked with us and haven’t received the required grades for your chosen university, then your booking fee is refundable in full. We will require a letter from the university confirming the withdrawal of their offer to process the refund. If you need any help with this process, please get in touch.


I have already booked a room and need to transfer it somewhere else

If you want to transfer your booking to another iQ location near a different university, you won’t need to pay another booking fee, but room transfers are subject to availability. Contact the site team closest to your new location to see what’s possible.

Our phone lines get busy at this time of year. If you can't get through, send us an email or start a LiveChat.


Life at iQ

It may feel stressful right now, but don’t let the stress get to you. Keep a cool head, act quickly and you can still secure a great place to live. Read our residents’ thoughts on their iQ experience.


Been there, done that

Our blog from HelloGrads’ guest writer and student, Jess, gives useful tips on how to survive Clearing.


When is Clearing 2018?

A-level results day is 16th August 2018, so Clearing really gets going then. Results for Scottish Highers, BTECs and the International Baccalaureate come out a few weeks before A-level results, but you may find a wider choice of places is available from 16th August.

Usually, the most popular courses fill their places during the first week of Clearing, so it’s worth acting fast when you find something that suits you.


Is Clearing for me?

If you didn’t get the results you needed for your firm or insurance choices, yes. But there are other scenarios where you might want to make use of Clearing.

  • You applied before 30th June but don’t have any offers
  • You didn’t apply until after 30th June – in which case, you will be automatically entered into Clearing when you do apply
  • You’ve changed your mind about your firm and insurance choices, and want to consider different universities or courses


Don’t feel obliged to go ahead with an existing offer if it no longer seems right for you. There may be a more suitable course for you available during Clearing – it’s your choice.


Assuming your original choice is still top of your list, it’s worth checking with the university you were planning on going to before you jump into Clearing. If you’ve only just missed the grades they asked for, it’s possible they will still accept you. Check the UCAS website to see if it’s good news.


What should I do on results day?

Firstly, don’t panic if you didn’t get the grades you hoped for. And secondly, don’t just accept the first place you’re offered so you’ve ‘got something’. As you’ll be spending the next few years studying, it’s well worth taking a bit of time to check out the university and course and assessing whether it really meets your needs.


It pays to be prepared for results day itself, and you’ll feel a lot calmer if you have a plan in place.

Here is some advice to make things easier:


  1. Log into UCAS Track first thing to check your applications. This is where you will get your personal Clearing number, provided you are eligible for Clearing. If you see the message ‘You are in Clearing' or 'Clearing has started', you are. If not, your results may be waiting to be updated. You will need to give your Clearing number to the universities you contact later on. But first…
  2. Check with the university you were planning to go to, just in case. If it’s definitely a no-go, you can start phoning other universities on their Clearing phone lines to talk to their advisers about the places they have on offer. UCAS will update their site with details of all courses which have places available, so it’s best to have a specific course you’ve seen in mind, and an idea of why you would be suitable for it. Speaking of which…
  3. Make a good impression. While the university might just ask for your grades and say yes or no, others will want to dig a little deeper. That’s your opportunity to sell yourself, so make some notes of why you would like to study this course at their institution. Feel free to ask some pertinent questions – it’s in the university’s interest to fill their places, so they should be willing to address any concerns you may have. They will give you an instant decision on the basis of this conversation, so you want to come across at your best.  And if they do make you an offer…
  4. Think about it. If you get an offer, or several, during Clearing, take a bit of time to consider it carefully – you will usually be given 24 hours’ thinking time. Do a bit of research on the university; independent sources like the Complete University Guide should give you an unbiased picture. If one appeals to you, this could be a good time to check what accommodation is available with iQ near your prospective university. When Clearing starts, we get busier and our properties start to fill up, so check online or give us a call to see what’s available. And then…
  5. Remember to accept. When you’re sure it’s the one for you, you’ll need to log in to UCAS Track again to ‘Add your Clearing choice’. Once the university confirms, you’re in, and the offer will show as accepted. Just one more thing…
  6. Update your student finance application. If you have already applied for student finance, you’ll need to let them know you’ll be changing to a different university and course. You can do this online at the Student Finance website. If you haven’t applied yet, it would be a good idea to do this quickly, as applications can take up to six weeks.


We wish you the best of luck with your results and hope to see you at an iQ near a great university very soon.


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