Student accommodation: houses vs halls

why student halls are better than student houses


Deciding where to live as a student is a big decision, one that will affect your studying, social life, finances and overall experience while you're at university.

Many students think that their only option after first year is to move into a shared house. But at iQ Student Accommodation we know that there are many advantages to living in private student halls rather than a traditional shared student house. There are plenty of great reasons to choose to move to halls instead of a shared student house, and here are our top 5 reasons...


1. Easy budgeting

One of the biggest hassles about moving into a student house is organising the bills and budgeting. First you have to set up accounts with the relevant utility providers, get your internet installed, arrange contents insurance, and let the council know that you're exempt from council tax. Then you've got to split the bills fairly between the group and make sure everyone pays what they owe on time. No one likes to have to hassle their friends for money, and arguing over how often you can afford to have the heating on can put a serious strain on even the best friendships! In private halls you don't need to worry about any of that. At iQ , you pay one price that includes rent, utilities, internet, and contents insurance. There are no nasty surprises, making it easy to plan your spending. Plus, you're only responsible for your own rent, so you don't need to worry about whether your friends have paid or not!


2. Designed for students

Unlike halls, houses are very rarely designed with students in mind. Often a family home will be converted into student accommodation, meaning you may have only 1 bathroom in a house of 4 or 5 bedrooms. The bedrooms may be vastly different in size, meaning that someone will inevitably lose out and have to put up with a tiny 'box room'. At iQ, every room has it's own ensuite shower room and has been designed to give you plenty of space and storage as well as a large study desk.


3. No dodgy landlords

While some private landlords are entirely legitimate and very conscientous about their tenants and houses, it's hard to know what type of person you'll be dealing with when you move into rented accommodation. Even if your landlord is top-notch, it can often take a while to deal with problems in a house-share situation; you have to track down your landlord who then has to call out a tradesperson to get things fixed. At iQ, on the other hand, you can report any maintenance issues easily online and our on-site mainentance technicians will speedily arrive to fix things. If something gets broken, we've normally got spare parts or replacement items in stock in the building, and if not we know where to order them quickly. Plus, iQ Student Accommodation is recognised by ANUK, the national body for accrediting Student Accommodation across the UK, so you can be sure we're trustworthy and reputable!


4. Strong security

Unfortunately, in many student cities and towns, students are at a high risk of being burgled. Student homes are particularly at risk over the university holidays, when the house may be empty for days or weeks at a time. Sometimes areas that are known to be student hotspots may be targeted by burgulars. At iQ Student Accommodation, we take the safety and security of our tenants very seriously with secure fob-access and CCTV as well as staff or students on site 24/7 to keep an eye on things.


5. Social life

Living in a shared house with your closest mates is a really lovely experience; you get to spend as much time with each other as you like! In shared halls, you can still live with your best friends, but you'll also have more opportunities to make new friends... book a cluster flat for you and your friends to share and you'll also get to experience all the other fantastic aspects of the iQ social life. All of our sites have lovely social hubs where you can hang out with your friends and meet new people. We also run lots of social events throughout the year, so there's always something fun to look forward to!


But what do you think? Is it better to live in a shared house or in private student halls at uni? Let us know your thoughts in the comments below...