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Student city guide to Kingston

Packed with entertainment and next door to London, Kingston is a great place to be a student.
1 from £199 pw
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Student city guide to Leeds

A big student population, great nightlife, shopping and culture with natural beauty surrounding.
2 from £142 pw
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Student city guide to Leicester

Culturally diverse, packed with events and with three major universities, Leicester provides a brilliant student living experience.
1 from £139 pw
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Student city guide to Lincoln

Steeped in history, beautiful architecture and views, with a great student living experience.
2 from £105 pw
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Student city guide to Liverpool

Best known for giving the world The Beatles, Liverpool’s cultural heritage is world class.
1 from £131 pw
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Student city guide to London

The student living experience in London is like no other, packed with opportunity and excitement.
14 from £199 pw
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Student city guide to Manchester

With a big student scene, proud history and a wealth of cultural activities, Manchester has it all.
7 from £105 pw
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Student city guide to Newcastle

Once known only as a party town, Newcastle’s culture, food and drink scenes are some of the best.
2 from £70 pw
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Student city guide to Nottingham

With great nightlife, top pubs, a lively food scene and lots of history, it’s a great city.
3 from £184 pw
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Student city guide to Oxford

An inspiring place to study with beautiful scenery, stunning architecture and immense history.
1 from £294 pw


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Stephenson House, Newcastle

Stephenson House, Newcastle

Shoreditch, London

Shoreditch, London