Edinburgh Napier University

Edinburgh Napier University is one of Scotland's largest higher education institutions. The uni is home to more than 17,000 students from around the world, including more than 4,000 international students. Edinburgh Napier has a number of campuses across the city, including 42 Colinton Road, Bankhead Workspace, Craiglockhart, Merchiston, Morningside, Screen Academy and the brand new Sighthill campus.

All of Edinburgh Napier's campuses can easily be reached from either iQ Grove or iQ Fountainbridge by a number of different routes, making it easy to see why Napier students choose to live with us at iQ! iQ Grove and iQ Fountainbridge are both based in the centre of Edinburgh, near to the city's attractions, nightlife and shopping! Both are just a short walk from many of Edinburgh Napier's campuses around the city, and if you're based further out of town at the Sighthill campus you can still get to and from uni in about half an hour by bus.


iQ Fountainbridge

  Distance Bus Car / Taxi Walk Cycle
42 Colinton Road 1.2 miles 12 minutes 4 minutes 24 minutes 7 minutes
Bankhead Workspace 1.6 miles 26 minutes 5 minutes 33 minutes 11 minutes
Craiglockhart 2.3 miles 24 minutes 7 minutes 43 minutes 14 minutes
Merchiston 0.8 miles   -  5 minutes 17 minutes 6 minutes
Morningside 0.9 miles 20 minutes 6 minutes 19 minutes 8 minutes
Screen Academy 0.7 miles  -  3 minutes 16 minutes 5 minutes
Sighthill 4.3 miles 28 minutes 15 minutes  -  22 minutes


iQ Grove

  Distance Bus Car / Taxi Walk Cycle
42 Colinton Road 1.4 miles 5 minutes 16 minutes 29 minutes 8 minutes
Bankhead Workspace 1.8 miles 5 minutes 26 minutes 38 minutes 12 minutes
Craiglockhart 2.5 miles 5 minutes 24 minutes 50 minutes 16 minutes
Merchiston 1.1 miles 5 minutes 18 minutes 22 minutes 8 minutes
Morningside 1.5 miles 5 minutes 19 minutes 24 minutes 10 minutes
Screen Academy 1 mile 5 minutes 16 minutes 20 minutes 6 minutes
Sighthill 4.6 miles 5 minutes 27 minutes  -  22 minutes


How to find the Edinburgh Napier campuses from iQ Grove or iQ Fountainbridge

Travelling by bus is one of the easiest ways for students to get around Edinburgh, particularly when a student 'Ridacard' bus pass will cost you only £13 a week (or £40 a month). To reach the Colinton Road campus, you can get either the number 10 or the number 27 bus - both found just a short walk from iQ Fountainbridge or iQ Grove. The numbers 23 or 36 will take you to the Bankhead Workspace campus, while you can reach Craiglockhart via the number 10, 27 or 4 buses. And if you're heading to Merchiston or Morningside, there are LOADS of options, including the 11, 15, 16, 23, 36, 45, 101, N11, and N16. If you're based on the Sighthill Campus, you'll need to go a bit further from the city centre... Luckily, the no 3, 25, 27, 28, N25 all run West along the A70 and then the A71 to Calder Road and should get you to campus in approximately half an hour. Perfect!

Cycling to all of Edinburgh Napier's campuses from either iQ Student Accommodation building is super easy - you can reach most in less than fifteen minutes. Even the Sighthill Campus, found to the South West of the city centre, is only about twenty minutes away by bike. And cycling enthusiasts will be pleased to learn that we have secure cycle storage available at both our Edinburgh sites, so you can keep your bike locked up nice and safe when you're not using it.

You can also walk from iQ Grove or iQ Fountainbridge to nearly all of Edinburgh Napier's campuses around the city. Or, if you're feeling lazy, there's always the option of jumping in a taxi - why not share the cab with some mates and split the cost to make it affordable!

Edinburgh Napier contact details

General enquiries

  • 0333 900 6040

Craiglockhart campus

  • 0131 455 4616

Merchiston campus

  • 0131 455 2412

Sighthill campus

  • 0131 455 3555

Napier Students' Association

  • 0131 229 8791

Did you know...

  • The University is named after John Napier, the inventor of the decimal point, who was born in 1550.
  • Edinburgh Napier University is attended by approximately 17,000 students from 109 countries around the world.
  • In 2011, an incredible 42% of recorded graduate start ups were from Edinburgh Napier graduates.
  • Sean Connery and JK Rowling have both been awarded honorary degrees by Edinburgh Napier Uni!