Glasgow Caledonian University

With a modern city-centre campus, Glasgow Caledonian University is a forward-thinking higher education institution on a mission to promote the common good. It prides itself on providing an excellent learning environment which includes its award-winning library, the Saltire Centre, which offers spaces for social learning as well as traditional study.

The university was formed in 1993, the result of a merger between The Queen's College, Glasgow and Glasgow Polytechnic. It has since been involved in research in a wide range of areas, with a strong emphasis on social justice, equality, social innovation and public policy. The university has educated several active figures in Scottish and international politics, and counts former prime minister Gordon Brown among its previous lecturers.

GCU also has a base outside Scotland, in the form of the British School of Fashion, located in London, which was the UK’s first institution to offer an MSc in International Fashion Marketing.

In July 2018, musician, campaigner and philanthropist Annie Lennox was formally installed as the Chancellor of Glasgow Caledonian University, with Dr Lennox’s personal commitment to social justice aligning with the ethos of the institution itself.

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