Birmingham University

The University of Birmingham is one of the most prestigious universities in the UK and was the first 'redbrick' university in the country. Birmingham University is based on a leafy, green campus situated to the South West of the city centre. Over 100 years old, the campus is well-established and is home to some well-known buildings including red-brick Chancellor’s Court, the 'Old Joe' clocktower, and Muirhead Tower. Currently half of all students living at Broderick House come from the University of Birmingham. It isn't hard to see why so many Birmingham Uni students choose to live with us at Broderick House; our accommodation is located just 1.3 miles away from campus with direct train links straight to University Station!


  Distance Bus Train Car / taxi Walk Cycle
Birmingham University 1.3 miles 16 minutes 9 minutes 6 minutes 25 minutes 10 minutes


How to find Birmingham University from Broderick House

Broderick House has always been popular with students from The University of Birmingham who want to live close to the city centre within easy walking distances of Birmingham's fantastic shops, restaurants and bars. Broderick House is conveniently placed to reach the University of Birmingham. Based less than 1.5 miles away from Birmingham University, Broderick House is just moments away from Five Ways train station, which has direct trains running to the University station throughout the day!
Trains from University Station to Five Ways Station run about every 10 minutes with approximate journey times of just 3-4 minutes. Five Ways station is just 0.2 miles or a five minute walk from iQ, meaning you can get from bed to campus in about ten minutes using the train!
Walking from Broderick House will take less than half an hour, and will take you down Edgbaston Park Road along the edge of the park. If you've got a bike with you at uni, you can also cycle to campus in approximately ten minutes - a really easy route into university and a very healthy start to the day! Remember, you can store your bike in our secure cycle storage at Broderick House. If you prefer, hop on the number 99 bus heading towards Halesowen to get into uni in just over quarter of an hour. A 'Network Student Ticket' in Birmingham will cost you from £202 a term and covers you both bus and train travel!
For days when you're running really late - or if you have loads of stuff to cart to uni - a taxi from Broderick House to the campus should cost you £6-8.

Birmingham University contact details

General enquiries

  • 0121 414 3344

Student Funding Office

  • 0121 414 7391

Birmingham Guild of Students

  • 0121 251 2300

Did you know...

  • Birmingham University was founded in 1900 and was the first 'redbrick' university.
  • The university was ranked 16th in the country by the Time Good University Guide 2014.
  • The University of Birmingham has the fourth-largest population of international students at any UK higher education institution, and the largest international postgraduate community in the UK.
  • Birmingham was the first university in the UK to be built on a campus model.
  • The clock tower known as 'Old Joe' situated on the Birmingham University campus is the largest free-standing clock tower in the world.